David is retired and living in the rural North West of England with his wife; both are in their 70’s. His computing needs are quite simple, including some on-line work to keep up to date with various social/community groups and flight bookings, some emails to support this, and the odd letter to friends and family. His HP notebook is circa 2010 and runs on a basic single core Celeron processor. For the most of 2016 he has been getting nagged to update his operating system to Windows 10. On advice from one of his son’s he has studiously avoided doing this, despite the annoying pop-ups every time he used his machine . Whilst visiting earlier in the year I demonstrated how Linux Mint 18 could run on his laptop via a Live USB I had with me, and explained how this would resolve all these issues. Despite some confusion over his Norton anti-virus account he agreed to move over to Linus when we had some free time to do the backup and install work. This we achieved just before Christmas when David left his laptop with me for a couple of days. with very little data to backup/restore the whole process only took a hour to complete. Having demonstrated how to link up the WiFi using my own network when he came to collect, David has since been able to hook up his home system, read emails via the Wmail application I installed and also produce a simple letter via LibreOffice. So far, his only call for help had been resolved by him during the day, before I even picked up his voice-mail! Another satisfied convert to Linux Mint for home computing.


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