Archive | May 2014

Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon

Yes it’s here! Released this morning, downloaded at lunchtime and installed (including restored backup) by dinner this evening on the daughter’s Lenovo G580 i3.

Blackpool LUG

This mornings LUG in Blackpool was a partial success; gaming on Linux was good, but I broke my distro mucking about with Python USB module. What I need is a shiny new Mint to install…

Robot Arm Completed

Ben completed the assembly work on his robot arm. Time for some R&R in the Linux Lounge before coding up some instructions in Python.


Robot Arm Project

Ben constructing the Maplin USB Robot Arm in the Preston Linux Lounge.


A Linux Lounge

Workbench installed and Linux boxes ready to go in Preston.


Ubuntu Upgrade

The In-Laws laptop updated to Ubuntu 14.04.


Getting Started.

…and so it begins, the random blogging of a 40 something Linux user in the North of England !