Toshiba L450D

After a break for the summer holidays and an operation on my knee, I’ve started a couple of hardware projects. First up is a Toshiba Satellite (AMD Athelon X2 era), which is in need of some love. It arrived with a blocked fan and borked keyboard but without a battery.
The gunge from the fan and keyboard was removed (see photo) in order to get past  immediate overheat failure and into the BIOS. This revealed further work needed to re-flash the out of date firmware up to v1.3.


With some super glue to fix a broken track pad button we the had a basic working machine, albeit weighed down with Windows 7 and Toshiba’s bloat ware.
Next up was an install of Linux Mint 17 XFCE which fits better with this low end CPU to provide a much snappier experience for the user.
All we need now is a replacement keyboard and this laptop will be ready to give it’s owner a few more good years of service.



Successful Blackpool LUG

Had a great morning with the Blackpool LUG. Good turnout and got the BIOS updated on the Dell 7720 courtesy of Mike Hewitt, Followed by an update to Mint 17 Cinnamon. Then demonstrated the Maplin OWI Robot Arm; Les Pounder was definitely tempted by the £30 price tag.


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