MAN-LUG (Manchester Linux User Group)

My second geeky session in Manchester today was to attend the monthly LUG meeting at MadLab on Edge Street…after some rehydrating refreshment at the cafe opposite (Common).

The MAN_LUG team are planning to host a demonstration event for potential new users of Linux (XP/Vista/Windows 8 refugees), probably in October this year; firstly to avoid the holiday season, and secondly to get 120,000 new students settled in to the various undergraduate establishments across the city.

The group discussed various approaches to take, using Linux Mint as a basis to demonstrate what Linux desktop can (and can’t) do. This benefited from having both current Mint users, non Mint Linux users and non Linux users around that table to flush out the various use cases, potential questions and expectations from the intended audience.

Dan Botting did an excellent job of hosting the session and despite the extreme heat on the top floor of MadLab (Advanced Mouse Taxidermy had the main workshop ?!?!?!). Hopefully, with some good PR from the attendees over the next couple of months the MAN-LUG event will draw in a few new users for this great open source OS.

Hopefully, I’ll report on progress in September…


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